Why You Benefit by Onboarding On-line

When I was in the corporate world, some time ago now, when it came to induction no one wanted to know.  It was time consuming and something we thrust online managers with a memo . . . “A new recruit will be visiting your department at . . . please make her welcome and explain what you do.”

Now with the help of technology we have the opportunity to do induction or on-boarding a lot better.  Using mobile, on-line it is possible to help the new inductees gain a faster understanding of the following key aspects:

  • The organisation
  • Its offerings
  • Its goals
  • Where they fit in and what is expected of them
  • How they align to the organisational goals and effectively contribute to its success.

From the organisation perspective, well-designed employee Onboarding Programmes ensure that new employees face a shorter learning curve to gain the required perspective, knowledge and skills that will help them contribute in a lesser time.  It also ensures better productivity and helps the new employees settle down faster.

So how can we do it better?

Opting for an on-line employee Onboarding programme that uses the benefit of mobile learning is a great way to correct many of the shortcomings of traditional programmes.

Mobile learning is a great way to train new employees in a shorter time, with a consistent message that can create the desired impact.

Modlettes (www.modlettes.com).  From an organisational perspective, on-line employee onboarding helps your organisation in the following ways:

  1. It can easily be adapted to address the needs of today’s multi-generational workforce
  2. It can be easily personalised based on the role/business unit
  3. It can be easily localised
  4. The programme can be easily rolled out to a geographically dispersed workforce.
  5. It helps your organisation provide a consistent message
  6. As products or services change it can be easily updated
  7. It can be scheduled in advance and can be tracked if the implementation is happening, as planned.
  8. It is a cheaper option when compared to the facilitated model
  9. It can easily track and assess learner performance, and this data can be used to provide further support.


From a Learners’ Perspective

  • Provides them the flexibility to learn on the go and on the device of their choice. They can move across devices
  • Empowers them by providing control to them to pace their learning
  • Limits the information overload as they can assimilate shorter bites of learning
  • Provides them with easy access to learning aids when needed
  • Creates a more engaging and immersive learning journey

Of those coming into the workforce today nearly all of them have mobile devices and spend two hours a day looking at them so what better conduit for learning would you have?

Get the eBook “Onboarding new staff with Modlettes” in the resources section of the website  www.modlettes.com


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