Ways to Support Learning After Training

| Carolyn

After acquainting ourselves in the Forgetting Curve (https://modlettes.Forgetting Curve)  to the challenges of making learning stick, we know it takes varied practice, lots of review and workplace support to become competent in new skills.  We also know that it is difficult for employees to find time to engage in long-term learning opportunities.

In today’s workplace culture we need ways to continue to provide support within and outside of the workflow after a training event is complete.  What tips can help you reinforce learning on a continuous basis.


Involve Managers

Could this be the most important strategy?  When managers support training rather than seeing it as a separate activity, employees are bound to improve their skills more quickly.  Managers can discuss what the individual is learning and provide opportunities aligned with the person’s learning goals.  They can provide encouragement and reinforcement and create a learning plan if the employee is interested in following one.


Create Support Resources

Whether physical or apps, performance materials close the gap between training and assistance during the flow of work.  Job aids are essential when there is a gap between training and use, for skills that are infrequently used and difficult to remember and for dangerous situations.   Think of checklists, step-by-step procedures, decision aids, trouble shooting guides, frequently asked questions, scripts and many other formats.


Deliver on-line lessons

Construct and deliver regular (monthly) Modlettes that extend training.  Modlettes is an ideal way to deliver short or just-in-time lessons.  Rather than deliver a long course, decompose it so learners can work on the core knowledge and skills during the course and then smaller bits of content (Modlettes) on-line on time.  You can include a quiz for reflection at the end.


Promote Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring refers to developing a long-term professional relationship between an experienced guide and a person who is seeking advice and guidance for professional development.  Successful mentoring not only helps the mentor and mentee, but it helps organisations maintain and grow their pool of talent.


Subscribe to On-Line Platform

You can construct your own instructional data which becomes a centralised repository of content that employees may need on the job.  This may contain tutorials, job aids, reference material, policy documents, information graphics and anything that someone may need to get at quickly.


Think of a course as laying the foundation for continuous learning rather than an end in itself.  Base your designs on the advantages of using smaller units, spaced learning and easy access.  Remember the importance of human interaction and user-generated materials.


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