There will be bad times . . . .


Some days run so smoothly we feel on top of the world, things go as planned or even better and you feel wonderful on the inside.

Then there are the other days:

Days when your motivation drops to near zero and your best plans evaporate and are blown away.

I find that one of the most effective ways to turn these zero days around into something more positive is to turn your focus to gratitude.


Because even if things look tough today or for the next three or six months I can always find something or several things to feel very grateful for about my life.


I’d like to share with you a short list of simple, basic things that I feel grateful for.  These are things I reflect on when I need to get back to positive thoughts.


Maybe not everything on this list works in your life, then take what works from here and create and add to develop your own list.

A roof over my head and a comfortable home

I live on a hill on an island with a beautiful view.  It is easy to get lost in a beautiful sunset or the early morning view of the ocean.

 Plenty of drinkable water

Sometimes we take clean water for granted.  663 million people lack access to safe drinking water according to

I don’t have to go hungry

I enjoy good fresh food and this is freely available.

I can enjoy the small and free pleasures of life

A sunset

A walk on the beach

The birds in the bush who appear to be continuously happy

 Access to the internet

When I was really young we were lucky to have a rotary telephone, and if you wanted to know something you had to visit the local library.

Things are now so different, I can learn pretty much anything online.  I can research and learn many things that other people are happy to share.

 My friends and family

For the love, support, kindness, and all the fun that they offer and I can share with them.

I am particularly grateful for the people that have shared the Modlettes concept with me and the spirit with which we have put it all together.

My health

I am not Superman or Captain Marvel.  But if I treat my body well and get plenty of sleep, eat healthy and lots of walks with the dog the body seems to keep ticking over.

 The setbacks that have formed me and made me strong

Having my own business for thirty years now has provided me with many challenges and at times, sleepless nights.  I have been let down many times by people I have trusted but I try not to pre-judge the people who constantly come into my world every day.

 I am alive

When I look at what is happening around the world today I am grateful that I was born in the time and place where I am.


Therefore, I value every day I am alive and hopefully a good deal more to come.


What do you feel grateful for even when you might be going through a tough day or time?