Sales Assist

What is Sales Assist?

Sales Assist is a set of tools designed to help sales people with the knowledge, skills and content they need to maximize the value of their many buyer interactions.  Whether these interactions are inbound or in the field,   Sales Assist can have a direct impact on how your sales teams sell because it involves a systematic approach to increasing sales productivity by supporting sales reps with the content and training they need to write more sales.

Today’s enterprise needs a modern learning platform that gives your sales teams the tools, the skills and the knowledge they need to achieve (and exceed) not only their business goals, but also to grow as individuals (and a team).

A key to learning retention is follow up, which is why the Modlette quizzes provide the opportunity to test knowledge and application through scenario-based questions.

The Modlette platform enables healthy organisations to evolve with their products and emerge as leaders within their industry.  However, a product is only as good as the sales person’s ability to sell it.  That means you must be able to provide product updates to sales people in the field in real time, outlining new features, benefits and applications.  Ongoing product knowledge training is absolutely critical to any sales role, but reps need a format they can access at the point of need.  Modlettes is the most effective way to do so in a manner that saves sales team’s time and improves their product knowledge.

  1.   Not only knowledge of new products but examples of Customer questions in the form of scenario questions that not only help them learn but can be used to test their knowledge.


The Customer asks “Does the widget maker have a reversing gear”?   Select the most appropriate:

  • Yes
  • Yes, it’s a lever on the control board
  • Yes, which makes it simple to clear a jam
  • Yes, it’s a very low gear

This is a very simple example of a scenario question

2.   Changes in sales policy can be communicated to all sales people and tested for understanding

3.   Sales techniques can be trained and retrained on a regular basis

4.   Post-training exercises after completing a classroom course or sales conference, or pre-work prior to a conference or classroom session

By using the Modlette platform you can quickly assemble a learning vehicle using six medium including video to help your reps and your Customers understand and become familiar with your new products.

Go to, take the free trail and see how easy it is to create your own “Sales Assist”.