Focus on Learning

Whether a company is aware of it or not, the potential audiences for learning content lie beyond the boundaries of the organisation.  In addition to employees, learners can be contractors, re-sellers, franchisees and other stakeholders, as well as Customers and the public at large.

  • Re-sellers are more likely to focus on products with which they are knowledgeable and familiar
  • Contractors who don’t actually work for the company may need additional training, as they are not saturated with the company culture
  • Customer training can take many forms, whether training that comes with the product, support training or updates and information.

Proper Customer training is a huge driver of the Customer experience.  Today’s consumer has access to a wide variety of information.

Training can ensure they get the right information right from the source.  While companies training their people to provide an excellent Customer experience, the right training can mitigate the need for a Customer to call on support, which is actually a better outcome for the consumer.

The best way to deliver training content to the Customer is via Modlettes.