Developing Training that Engages Millennials

By 2020 our workforce should be comprised of 50% millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000).  As a generation they have different expectations, different values and tend to do many things differently.

Young professionals are more likely to switch jobs if they are dissatisfied.  Our challenge is to keep them engaged and continue to give them new skills and help them enhance existing skills.  But what do millennials expect from their employer in terms of training opportunities, and how can you meet those expectations.


What do Millennials Want?

For 60% of millennials, an opportunity to learn on the job is extremely important.  This is a significant fact because it underlines the importance of learning opportunities and the fact that millennials prefer on-the-job training.

Millennials value learning and knowledge, but also want access to training resources that will make them become capable and productive employees.  These expectations can be easily met with archived eLearning programmes which give them access to learning in a medium they are comfortable with.

Training that is seen to bring career growth will contribute to learner engagement since millennials see this as a direct benefit.  Training should be flexible and embrace technology as half of millennials feel that they can learn outside of a classroom.


Company Culture Matters

A survey found that millennials like to work with managers who support them, empower them and engage them.  Managers should be involved with eLearning programmes, for instance, by assisting young professionals with developing a personalised learning path.

Developing a company culture where training and knowledge are valued will also have a positive effect on learner engagement.  Employers can support their young employees by providing continuous training and feedback.

Engaging Your Millennials

The best way to develop an eLearning programme that engages your millennials appetite for technology is through Modlettes, with ample opportunities for customisation and ideally set up for mobile learning on all devices.


Bite sized Training, Interactive Content and Videos

Not all millennials are digital natives, but this is a generation that relies on technology to accomplish a wide range of tasks.  They are more likely to consume video content compared to other forms of media, and more likely to pay attention to this format and retain information.

The Modlettes eLearning system enables video so providing short videos that require a couple of minutes of engagement makes training highly customisable.  Learners can review goals for each short unit of content and decide which Modlettes they want to consume.

Bite sized Modlettes are ideal for mobile learning.  Millennials will definitely be more engaged with an eLearning programme if they can access content on their smart phones.

Keep in mind that training that relies on outdated tech can become frustrating for young professionals.