Designing Product Training for Customers

| Carolyn

Best practices for using your Modlettes to train your Customers in the best use of your products.

At Modlettes we are working with Customers to provide a new and innovative way to enable their Customers.

Here are five best practices for creating training content that people find engaging:


Design each course to take 30 minutes or less

In today’s fast paced commercial world, 30 minutes is the maximum length of time in which people can make time for and process information.  (In fact TED talks research limits talks to 22 minutes as being ideal).  If you have more to say, then create another Modlette.

Design each section to take 4 minutes or less

Bite-sized learning is a great match for busy people who are time poor.  This forms the basis of just-in-time learning.  Short lessons also enable learners to get feedback from learning quizzes and get feedback on their progress.

Use the interactive quizzes and ways to apply knowledge

To effectively “close the loop” on learning, the learners need to both absorb and apply knowledge.  Modlettes learning quizzes are a great tool because they provide reasons in review of why answers are wrong.

Mobile accessibility is essential

Learners today expect to access training on computers, tablets and smartphones.  Modlettes is designed to support mobile access and you should always check your Modlette design on mobile before releasing it.

Offer incentives

It’s always nice to be rewarded for a job well done.  A certificate of completion after completing a product training Modlette and passing the test quiz is always well received and it is something Customers can display to show their knowledge of our product.


Customer training can be made interesting

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