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But Selling Learning Doesn't Have to be This Way

You can sell your ideas without pushing them down learners’ throats. Here are some sales techniques that top sales companies use very successfully.  I have converted them to learning situations. Sales Technique #1.  Make learners feel special. This weekend I leafed through the early Christmas offers but I started to find examples of how companies […]

Learning and What Causes Us to Forget

Forgetting happens most rapidly soon after learning something and then tapers off after time. Learners will first forget content that does not make sense to them Most people are more likely to forget what they hear than what they read.  This is probably because reading is a more focussed activity than listening. Although we may […]

How to Captivate Learners from the Git-Go

A good opening engages learners and entices them to move on into your Modlette. You do this by fulfilling your first two roles as a trainer: Empathize with your learner . . . tell him or her that you understand their fears and struggles, and you put your virtual arm around their shoulders.  When learners […]

Creative Writing Exercises

Let’s be honest . . . A lot of training content is somewhat blah! It sounds boring.  It lacks a human voice. It feels like anyone in any department could have written it. How can you add a touch of personality? Start by nurturing a sense of play. When trainers are having fun, they’ll connect […]

How Can We Simplify Our Writing for Learning?

Adult eLearning readers skim read passages of written dialogue.  So how can we simplify our writing so we can keep impatient readers captivated? FUZZY THINKING HIDES IN LONG SENTENCES AND PARAGRAPHS So, to avoid fuzzy writing try this practice: Compose relatively short sentences Write one-sentence paragraphs. It’s not easy . . . Each sentence should […]

The Surgical Tools Looked Bright and Scary . . .

I imagined that the doctor really enjoyed this. His face had lit up when he discovered the lump on my shoulder blade the previous week. “We’ll cut it out” he said. The days leading up to the surgery were stressful.  Was it cancer? The day came, I couldn’t see what they were doing, only imagined […]

Some More Ways to Jazz Up Your Writing for Learning

Show and Tell The official advice in creative writing is to show don’t tell. However, in practice, we often show AND tell. Telling populates most training writing, filling it with factual statements that eventually cram up the learner’s brain. Showing means using sensory details and describing actions to direct a mental movie in your learner’s […]

How to Jazz Up Your Writing for eLearning

When writers talk about creative writing, they only refer to fiction How weird! As if non-fiction like writing for learning can’t be creative . . . That’s crazy. Of course, writing for eLearning can be creative.  Any creative writing technique can be used to improve any kind of writing. Here are some thoughts to start […]

The Job's Note Done Yet

Some trainers think that when the classroom session or the on-line course is finished that the job is done.  That’s a bit like showing a person a picture of swimming techniques and explaining swimming styles and then throwing them in the water and walking away. People remain motivated when they are aware of their accomplishments.  […]

Motivation During the Learning

Judy:  You’re the one doing all these eLearning courses. Nick:  Only the ones I think I will like and learn something Judy:  What do you think makes a good or excellent eLearning experience? Nick:  I’m a bit competitive so I like to test myself against the learning fairly often Judy: You mean you seek frequent […]

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