Launching a New Product . . . Use Modlettes

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It is good practice to support clients with complex products that you are bringing to market.  The training that supports these product launches is always a multi-faceted collection of learning solutions that must meet the needs of several different learner groups.  Modlettes are great for product launch training to drive desired knowledge and skills acquisition.  However, they must be carefully designed and implemented.  Careful consideration must be given to identify the right goals during the design phase, getting necessary buy-in and designing solutions that help the right groups of learners acquire the right knowledge and skills at the right time.

Every product launch is different, but certain characteristics remain consistent across most projects.  Product launch projects that have these characteristics are much more likely to contribute to a successful product launch.  Key characteristics to look out for:

  1. Performance focus. The outcome must focus on a specific metric the organisation wants to achieve.
  2. Instruction goals. In addition to a performance or business outcome, the content should have a clear instructional goal.  The goal should guide the creation of learning objectives for successful use of the launch product.
  3. Organised into topics. Since most product launches are complex the content must be chunked into topics.
  4. Organised into phases. Most product launches are designed around three main phases.  Pre-launch materials present introductory concepts, product knowledge and competitor information.  Launch provides an opportunity for hands-on practice and a time for building some “brand buzz”.  Post-launch focuses on reinforcement of key concepts and skills, and it usually includes just-in-time reference tools.  Modlettes provides a suitable medium for each of these phases.
  5. Multiple learning paths. It’s highly unlikely that all Customers who will take your product launch training have the exact same role or position.  Therefore, product launch training materials must be relevant and customised to each target audience: managers, sales, support and even the end user.
  6. Supported through the organisation. The L&D department or an external vendor cannot create effective product launch training materials without buy-in and information from your marketing and product development departments.  Sales will also want buy-in on the approaches used to train reps.
  7. Measured with assessments. It is important that facilitators can accurately measure the progress learners make.  Modlettes provides both learning guides for assessment and encouragement during the learning process and testing quizzes to assess knowledge and skills gained from the learning.

Modlettes are a quick and easy way to launch a product throughout a region at the same time, also an ideal method of making your reps “sales-ready” immediately, wherever they are stationed without expensive communication costs.


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