Motivation During the Learning

Judy:  You’re the one doing all these eLearning courses.

Nick:  Only the ones I think I will like and learn something

Judy:  What do you think makes a good or excellent eLearning experience?

Nick:  I’m a bit competitive so I like to test myself against the learning fairly often

Judy: You mean you seek frequent feedback of progress

As Nick says, it is very important for the designer to include frequent relevant feedback and progress visuals.

This means quizzes and interactive exercises that help learners track their own progress.

Important that this feedback is immediate so students can use the information in subsequent exercises.

What’s more it helps participants learn from their mistakes.

Feedback boosts the confidence of the learner as they go into the next section with the correct information even if they get it wrong before correction.

The Modlettes learning quiz is ideal for immediate feedback.  If the learner gives the wrong answer the next field tells him/her why the answer was wrong.

Break down your content

Great Modlette design chunks the content in a way that helps people remember what they have learned.

Small pieces of information are not only easier to assimilate but they allow learners to complete activities quickly and in a convent format.

Give them a sense of autonomy

We all like to make our own decisions when pursuing something like a training course.

It’s about thinking, “this is my choice, and the result benefits me”.

This is far different and more effective than much of the traditional page-turning eLearning that still pops up out there from time to time.

Personal choice is a motivator.

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