• Easily distracted, 
  • Eager to learn, 
  • Desires on-demand training, 
  • Curious, 
  • Always connected, 
  • Engaged, 
  • Wants instant gratification, 


Cut out distractions with clear and concise lessons –  

  • Busy schedules and attention grabbing social media shorten attention spans.  With Modlettes a streamlined elearning approach, modern learners feel free to focus on prime objectives.

Reward eagerness with a learner-centric approach –  

  • Self-paced learning lets modern learners practice new skills and behaviours in a safe place.  The more personalised the learning experience the more effective the outcome

Offer training on demand, with a responsive learning platform –  

  • The responsiveness of Modlettes means learners can access user-friendly lessons from several devices from Smart phone to desk-top

Satisfy curiosity with a rewarding experience –  

  • Effective eLearning solutions immerse learners through relevant content, scenario based exercises and interactive media.

Since today’s learners are always connected  –

  • Modlettes online platform means you can reach learners anytime, anywhere.  In this age of smart homes, smart cars and smart phones, an internet connection is almost always in reach for the modern learner.

Keep audience engaged with interesting content –  

  • eLearning should clearly communicate its value through building blocks of understanding, comprehension, and application of skills.

Give instant gratification with feedback –  

  • Modlette’s learning quizzes give instant feedback including information on why the wrong answers are wrong.


The Modlettes on-line learning management system ticks all the boxes in meeting the requirements of the modern learners.