Modlettes makes sharing information easy

Mobile functionality

Mobile users are different. They demand experiences that are more engaging than what are offered to desktop Customers but are constrained by limited screen real estate, time and capabilities.

Modlettes compensates for these limitations with functionality that creates a compelling mobile environment making learning easy and engaging at all times and places. You can interrupt the programme you are working on at any time and return to the same place when you are ready.

“Where are you going to learn today?”

Modlettes work on any device

All you need is an internet connection

Ease of Authoring

In a world where everything happens at super speed and companies have the need to communicate with their teams and their Customers in real time you need a simple authoring system that produces an engaging message in a short time.

Modlettes provides this with six design modes including video and slide share and a drag and drop facility. This means that a just-in-time communication can be created in hours not weeks.

Modlettes are quick to create

Making it possible to share information quickly

Preview and edit at any time

Sometimes the features of a product or the content of a policy may change requiring edit of an existing modlette.

You can do this at any time with the preview and edit function, meaning that you don’t have to go through the frustrating process of rebuilding the whole Modlette.

Modify information as it changes

Dynamically edit content as you need to


Quizzes are a valuable part of an e-learning course. Modlettes advocates both learning quizzes and testing quizzes. In the learning quiz, usually used in the body of the modlette, all answers can be reviewed to see which was correct and why.

In the testing quiz the user answers a series of questions which are then scored towards a total when completed. This quiz is usually placed at the end of the Modlette so users can evaluate their own acquired learning compared with the objectives of the Modlette.

Ensure and track understanding

Quizzes and reporting ensure you know if your information is seen and understood

Channel Management and Reporting

The administration of the modlettes system is carried out by a channel supervisor nominated by the channel owner. It compromises a comprehensive dashboard that monitors a number of functions involving both users working on modlettes and authors creating modlettes.

On the dashboard you can call up metrics related to what is happening in your channel. You can allocate Modlettes to users and monitor their status in the Modlette they are working on. Also monitor when they finished or where they got stuck. When an author completes a Modlette it must be approved by the channel supervisor before it is admitted to the channel library.

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