The Modlettes team has done considerable research into overseas predictions and isolated these eight trends that are most likely to take place in the Asia-Pacific Region.



Many companies will find that they can increase productivity by doing more with less, as they have learnt during Covid-19.  This means there will be a greater demand for generalists with a greater range of skills.  Well-being will also be high on the demand list.

Data Literacy

Data literacy will now become the new computer literacy.  Team members will have the need to interpret a greater range of work-related data.  They will need software skills to enable visualisation of data for presentation.

Data will be increasingly used to enable people to do their jobs better and measure performance.  “When you know better, you do better” will become the new catch phrase.

Online Training

As eLearning becomes easier to create (Modlettes) the need to train in skills will become more easily achieved.  This will become more necessary as management realises that productivity relies on increased ability to do the work more efficiently.  The monumental adoption of on-line training is one of the eLearning trends in 2021 that will continue for the foreseeable future.  Owners of SME’s will increasingly realise that “skills pay bills”.

Training Trainers

Traditional trainers working in classrooms or delivering lectures aren’t always equipped for success in an online environment.  Delivering training through a screen is a much different experience and it requires a specific skillset.  Due to the need to design engaging training to be delivered across different platforms, some companies will find their trainers’ need to “go back to school”.

Content Creation

The pace of change across 2020 could be described as “warp speed”.  With so much “ad lib” development and quick changes to safety protocols, training requirements and work processes, a major trend in 2021 will find businesses turning to pre-made training materials.  Trainers relying on classroom training will need to think about designing for on-line platforms.

Performance Support

Performance support will change in 2021 as many people stay remote.  This means that microlearning in the flow of work begins to take over from sitting down to traditional training to support job performance throughout the day.

Not only does performance support give team members the tools they need to do their job, but it allows them to share their knowledge during their days.  Training becomes better than a one-way street it has been in the past.  It focuses on collaboration toward a common goal between different team members, teams or departments.

Training will be better integrated.  It will not be a separate, seemingly unrelated add-on that becomes another thing on the growing to-do list.  When used as a support tool, it’s vital and valuable.


In one of the biggest eLearning trends, 2021 will see a reverse of the traditional process of building content for desktop users and then adapting it to mobile.   A quality mobile experience will be crucial, especially as many workers will still be outside of the office and doing their training at home.  This will make it easier for businesses to deliver tools to team members when and where they are needed.

Situation Judgement Assessments

Trainers will lean more towards scenario based on-line multichoice questions to assess decision making skills.  The past practice of using multichoice questions to assess knowledge acquisition will be further expanded to assess a learner’s ability to use that knowledge to make a decision in real time.

Situation judgement is the ability to draw sound conclusions or make sound predictions about outcomes in a given situation and is becoming a popular tool for testing both the learner and the training just completed.



We live in a world of constant disruption.  Trends are continually shifting in the eLearning industry.  Use the information in this article to help you stay in the loop so you can make the most of your organisation’s learning and development initiatives.

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