Cut Out the Clutter

None of us wrote perfect content at our first attempt.

That’s why you should be ruthless when you edit.

Get rid of any wording that is redundant or repetitive.

Give each word laser attention, asking the question, ‘does it need to be there’?

Get rid of “very”, “really”, and “totally”, they don’t add much meaning to any sentence.

If you can explain something in eight words instead of twenty, do it.


Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation are Key

I am astounded at the faults in these areas that appear in social media.

It makes your work look sloppy and unprofessional.  It could even alter the meaning of your words.

Other important things to consider:

  • Use active voice (where your hero performs the action) rather than passive voice (where your hero receives the action)
  • Review homophones (such as you’re, your, their, they’re, there, it’s and its), so they make the correct references
  • Capitalise proper nouns only
  • Watch commas.


Get a Buddy or Two Buddies to Check Your Work

Your success will depend on how well it is reviewed.

Choose someone with strong language and writing skills.

You are too close to your writing to be able to spot potential mistakes

Take your buddy’s feedback to heart and make all the edits.